Global CyberPEACE Challenge 2.0

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Global CyberPeace challenge is a journey to recognize and award young talent and build solutions to some pressing problems that our society faces. The objective of the challenge is to both present technical challenges to identify talent and to tap their innovative approach to solving critical real-world problems.

CyberPeace Challenge 2.0 will be organized globally. The challenge will be divided into three parts: CyberPeace Policy & Strategy Challenge, Peace-a-Thon: The innovation challenge and Capture The Flag (CTF).

CyberPeace Policy & Strategy Challenge

The policy challenges associated with cyberPeace crisis and conflicts will be conducted in two phases i.e., Ideathon and Grand Finale

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The challenge to solve real world problems assimilated from various stakeholders in tech and non tech spaces will be conducted in two phases i.e., Ideathon and Grand Finale

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Capture The Flag

Time bound hackathon style event with checkpoints will be conducted at regional levels and then a grand finale

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Who Can Participate?

This challenge is open to cyberPeace security experts, technologists, community leaders, civil society bodies, students, developers, UX/UI designers, business analysts, education professionals, advisors, mentors, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and investors.

We are also committed to ensuring gender diversity in the cyberPeace security workforce of the future.

You’re welcome even if you’re tech-curious!

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Important Dates

10 Oct 2020

Registration opens for Global CyberPeace Challenge

15 Dec 2020

Registration Closes

15 Jan 2021

Announcement of the shortlisted participants

3 - 15 Jan 2021

Elimination Round of CTF

3 Jan 2021

Announcement of the Shortlisted participants of CTF

28 & 29 Jan 2021

Grand Finale of GCC

9 Feb 2021


14 Feb 2021

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Government Partners

Cyber Policy and Strategy Challenge


Capture The Flag (CTF) [IT & OT]

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Info Sec professionals get ready for the Operational Technology #CTF leg of
@gccsofficial hosted at #NCIIPC #CyberPeacesecurity #GCCS1.0 #SCADA @cyberpeacengo


Digital India

Digital India


Have innovative solutions to secure the cyberPeace space? Participate in Global CyberPeace Challenge Peace-a-thon #GCCS1.0




Gear up for Global CyberPeace Challenge Grand Finale! Congratulations to the shortlisted teams. To know the names, click here:

Ravi Shankar Prasad

Ravi Shankar Prasad


As we look forward to #GCCS1.0, here’s an innovation challenge on cyberPeace security for all of you to participate in

Sean Duca

Sean Duca


14 teams working on a CTF contest looking at IT/OT challenges as well as the peace-a-thon where ideas and solutions will be built to make India #CyberPeaceSafe. Great work and good luck to the teams! @mygovindia #GCCS1.0 @_DigitalIndia @gccsofficial

Klee Aiken

Klee Aiken


was an excellent way to kick-off a great week @ #GCCS1.0, here’s hoping the initiative carries over to #GCCS2019. Thanks to @cyberpeacengo for inviting @APNIC to work with the talented teams!


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